2 Factor Authentication protects you from hacker attacks. When someone tries to login with your password, they will have to provide a number given by the google authenticator app.


To enable this extra security layer, first download Google Authenticator to your mobile device from Play Store.

Then, go into Webmail, Settings and then select 2-Factor Authentication.

Then select ACTIVATE

and click the bottom FILL ALL FIELDS..

Now you will see a QR code on the screen. Scan this QR code with your Google Authenticator on your mobile app.

It will give you a number. Enter that number into the box next to "Check Code" , and then click check code. It should say Code OK.

Now click SAVE.

You are done - next time you login it will ask you for your 2-Factor code.. You just launch your Google Authenticator and enter the number it provides.

You can select [ ] Save this device for 30 days so it doesn't keep asking you for a code.

Note: If you are using Horde instead of Roundcube, you can change it to Roundcube in your hosting (PLESK) Panel , Mail Settings.


Sábado, Febrero 26, 2022

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