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First of all login to the control panel as described here: control panel login.  Then:

Linux Hosting:


  1. Select the MAIL option,
  2. Find your own mail address from the list, click the email address itself..
  3. Enter the same password into both Password ve Confirm Password fields. The password needs to be at least as difficult as the MEDIUM level.
    (Bad passwords: Yours or your child's name or birth dates. Numbers in order like 123456.
    Good passwords: Over 6 digits long, and contains upper/lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation.)
  4. Click OK to record your new password.

Windows Hosting:

  1. Click the MAIL icon,
  2. Click ACCOUNTS.
  3. Click on one of the emails shown.
  4. Type the same password into PASSWORD ve CONFIRM PASSWORD boxes.
  5. [ ] Change Password must be clicked.
  6. Click on SAVE.

 If it gives an error that means your password was too WEAK. Try again with a harder password.



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