VPN: Secure, Private and Free Internet
No need to be a computer wizard
We provide easy to follow detailed instructions and a customized configuration file for you to drop into a folder and connect.
Stay anonymous on the Internet
No one has to know your IP address or your home address.
Would you like to have private and secret communications?
Install a simple OpenVPN client on your system and automatically surf and email safely!
Never again fear using the "free" wifi provided at a cafe or at your hotel.
Is your company or organization preventing you from accessing certain sites? Using some application? Remove all restrictions.
WE DO NOT LOG YOUR INFORMATION. No logging is done on our part.
We can also set up a Private VPN for your organization so you can access all your company resources (disks, printers,etc) from anywhere in the world. Contact us for details.
VPN2: More Secure, Safer Internet
The new VPN is even safer
Longer keys, longer (unbreakable) ciphers and additional PSK passwords.
No need to be a computer wizard
We provide easy installations and a drop and connect configuration file.. We even provide TeamViewer/Anydesk remote installation support for FREE.
Now you can browse safely on the Internet without worrying that your traffic may be intercepted. Hotel or Cafe "free" wifi? Not a problem - all your browsing and emails are automatically encrypted with the highest encryption method available.
You can also use any application that are otherwise forbidden at your establishment.
Recommended especially when extra security is an issue, for example from public Wifi systems, Hotels, Cafes and any other place where your communication may be eavesdropped.
Your own cloud storage! - Kendi Bulut Arşiviniz!
Your own cloud disk!
Start with free 5GB space and add more as necessary.
Your files, folders, photos and everything you wish can be automatically stored encrypted in the cloud for automatic mirroring and retrieval. Automatic backups keep the changes you make so you can undo if necessary! Access your files from your computer, your phone, or from anywhere where there is a web browser available!
Automatic synchronization means you only select the folders once, and they are automatically backed up to cloud whenever there is a change.
Google Advertisements (Adwords)
We manage everything about your ads
From their creation to finding creative keywords that people search for. We provide detailed reports to you at every step of the way. Try it for a month - if you do not see a visitor increase, we give your money back!
Let people using google or their phones see what's great about your company! Hundreds of new customers a day is a distinct possibility! Up to TENFOLD visitor increase to your site.
$84.86 Setup Fee
Your own Web Site: Wordpress based and easy to use
We create you a great looking website where you can put your photographs, your blog and your videos with ease, and put you in control!
All with an easy-to-use Wordpress interface!
We even provide routine maintenance and automatic updating for you.
(Requires a Linux hosting package from kalfaoglu.net)
Smart Wordpress Updater
Never risk a hacker disfigure your web site because you forgot to update your Wordpress plugins or themes..
With Smart Update for PLESK, you can automatically update your Wordpress installation without worrying that it will break something. All you have to do is sign up to this service.
(Requires a Linux hosting package from kalfaoglu.net)
Minecraft VIP Membership
Provides powerful diamond armor and set gear for the minecraft.kalfaoglu.net server.
Lasts 30 days, renews automatically if credit card payment is selected.
Web site or Computer Assistance
We can provide assistance that is beyond our free services.
For example, we can update your web site, fix computer problems, or cure issues with your web site.
This is the price for 1 hour of service. We provide estimates, and you can purchase as many hours of service as in our estimates.
Company Registration to Google Maps/Google Earth and all GPS systems
Let people searching for you or even looking at maps of your area locate you easily using Google Maps or Google Earth.
Google provides your name and address in its searches as the first time. Therefore, you cannot afford to not register your company with us.
Once registered, your company location will be shown on Google searches and maps, along with description when clicked.
$6.06 Setup Fee
Extra Email Address
Just need one more email address than your hosting package provides? This option may be a cheaper option than upgrading your kalfaoglu.net hosting package.
Your own IP Address
Need a special IP address for your emails or your web site?
For SSL security, a dedicated IP address to your web site ensures the widest compatibility with all the browsers.
Available to all Linux hosting - retail or reseller packages.

Rescuing a domain name from expiration (Redemption)
Forgot to renew your domain name?
For example, a .com domain name cannot be renewed past 30 days of its expiration. Past that date, it enters a special status called "Redemption".
We provide a rescue from redemption service to rescue your domain name from deletion.
Free Wifi Provider System
This service provides a turnkey solution to provide a public wifi system in places like restaurants, cafes, hotels, development complexes, around public pools and shopping malls.
According to Turkish laws, the ID numbers and various information about the people using such areas must be recorded and provided to the authorities if asked.
This system fully complies with the Turkish laws, recording the details and also the browsing details of people using this service.
It provides visitors with a customizable welcome screen, checks the information entered against the Turkish registry office records, and provides access for a configurable amount of time.
Unwanted access to web sites can be banned. Unwanted people can be prevented from using your service.
UNLIMITED access point / user support available.
FULL device support -- tablets, phones, computers, etc.
Remote Assistance by our staff is available.
FTP Web Site with 10GB Storage
Do you need an FTP site?
This service provides you with a very Fast FTP site with 10GB of storage area.