Node.js Support added to PLESK hostings

  • 28th September 2021
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SPF Records changed for more security

  • 17th September 2021
Normally, for all our hosted domains, the SPF records that we send out did not have the 'reject' option therefore anyone in the world could claim to send emails from YOUR domain. For example, someone in another country could have sent mails from your domains, pretending to be you! However starting today we are tightening our SPF records for more ...
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SSL Certificate Change

  • 8th August 2021

Today we are changing all * SSL certificates. If you receive an error while sending or receiving email, please accept the new certificate.


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Linux server migration

  • 7th July 2021
Dear Customers, Linux server migration is proceeding well - your data (all of your emails waiting or archived at the system, backup files, web sites, and much more) is being copied to the new server right now. Once these are complete, and we estimate them to complete around Monday the 12th of June, we intend to switch all your hostings to the ...
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