I am receiving an outlook 0x800ccc0f error! Print

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  • First check your mail settings:
    • email address  (your username should be the same as your mail address), 
    • Is your password correct?  It's upper/lowecase sensitive and some letters resemble each other. You can use the control panel to get a new password.
    • Server names - both receiving and sending server names should be the same, and both should be  mail.yourowndomainname.com - where yourowndommainname.com is the domain/hosting you purchased from us.
    • Server ports:  SMTP (sending ports should be either 587 or 2525. Downloading ports 143 veya 110 olmalı. If you opted for SSL/TLS security, these ports may be different.
    • Try it without Secure Connection settings.
  • If all these are correct now check your computer:
    • Some programs check your incoming/outgoing mails. If these do not function properly you will not be able to send/receive emails.
      • Some antivirus programs, such as AVG and Norton/Symantec
      • Some Firewall/Security software such as Norton/Symantec
    • Try disabling these programs. If that does not work, then try UNINSTALLING these programs.
    • If you are still having troubles, try an alternative if not better program such as the free MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD.

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